Step 1

Start Customer Module on the customer’s computer and wait while it initializes.

Step 2

Enter technician’s computer address. It can be an IP address or host name. If connecting over Internet, please refer the Redirecting Devices over Internet section below.

Step 3

After the connection is established, USB Redirector will ask to plug a USB device.

Step 4

Please follow all the steps in this window. The current step will be highlighted.

Step 5

Please follow all the steps in this window. The current step will be highlighted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A. Job will be completed IMMEDIATELY once purchased if during Hours of Operation 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern time Monday – Friday, and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., come to the LIVE Chat option on bottom right of screen we do not send emails to make appointments as will take the job as come to the chat as we go, we found this to be the fastest process to get your phone back working again.

Yes, this is a permanent fix to your phone once the IMEI is placed on your device a factory reset or firmware upgrade will not change or erase your IMEI.

We have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all of our IMEI for the Life of the phone if in the case the phone were to ever Blacklist again, your IMEI will be replaced again at no charge. For this, we keep a database of all IMEI entered into your device to know if we did the repair!

A. We offer an EXCLUSIVE service for your device to be put on Metro Pcs at an additional cost this will only apply to any CERT based Device (Note 3, Note 4, S5, S6, Mega 2, etc.) YOU HAVE 5 DAYS TO ACTIVATE ON METRO PCS. AFTER THAT WE ARE NOT LIABLE. NO EXCUSES! Q. I own a phone store can I get a DEALER Discount or a coupon?
A. Our prices are some of the best on the market, with our efficiency and warranty we offer discounts will NOT BE GIVEN to any dealer Unless Doing BULK ORDERS containing multiple devices with discounts starting at nothing less than 5 devices at one time

A. Most of our services are done Remotely, there are times the device has to be MAILED in due to the service requirements or for a device to be completed, IF you cannot mail your phone in if Required to complete the Service Purchased DO NOT PURCHASE as this is a term of service contract and binding obligation of standards when completing checkout on the EASY-UNLOCK.NET LIMITED LIABILITY CORP. This must be done at times due to the high fraud of online buyers stating the device does not work, when indeed it does. We have a high volume customer base and our process is streamlined and we know every result we will get when we work on a device, this step is to ensure buyer/seller security.

Refunds will be given if only all steps above were completed and verified. If you do not agree with our T.O.S. THIS SERVICE IS NOT FOR YOU